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Somewhere Somethings

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Author Comments

This was made by me for you..... and it is dedicated to all my dead babies which have never been named except for the one I secretly named cannon inside my head... This flash was inspired by some insomnia, hallucinations, and nightmares ENJOY i guess .... oh btw it's called "Somewhere Somethings Happen"

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awesome shit man... everything was flawless.... except for the fact that it had to end =(

JakeySnakey responds:

I'm sorry.... I couldn't just make it go on forever lol..... ur in love with me aren't you?


Very well done my friend.

You've created an atmosphere that will even scare
the oldest skeleton up from his grave...i like it, it made me feel like i was in some of those
many nightmares i've had many times, in many ways.

i understand that you've been inspired by Mr.Firth, yes?
He's the one that also makes my favourite movies..
I think if you work hard enough and train your skills even more..then maybe you can achieve the same status as Firth himself..

JakeySnakey responds:

thanks... inspired by firth? yah i guess somewhat... He's probably my favourite here on NG.... but I did start making flashes before even hearing of him... but yeah achieving the same status as him lol .... i don't care i just one day hope to get featured or something and have like 50k+ people see one of my flashes and think i'm some fat ugly prick that sits home and draws in flash all day... and thanks for the review =)

wow i liked it

well this was a very nice animation and it reallly looked like a horror movie and i loved the style of animation

only thing you need to work on is the sound that's why i didn't gine this an 10

JakeySnakey responds:

well when you say I need to work on the sound you kind of have to be more specific.... the music? the snd FX?
the voices? static? the volume? I'm just clueless about what you're talking about... but that's okay .... thanks for the good review kind of..... and i'm glad you liked it =)


man that shit is fuckkked upppppp
what the hell are you tripping out on

JakeySnakey responds:

whatever wherever whenever....
thanks for the review i guess


This creepy...and morbid. But it was well-made. Very reminiscent of David Firth, moreso the animating style than the idea, but the atmosphere you both create, is very similar.
I like your style...its certainly unique even if it is really grim. The music was ok, a little low and dull at times, but at times i did feel it enhanced the feeling of loneliness and paranoia in the cell. The graphics were decent, but definitely not great.you can surely improve it.
I hate to say it: but i am slightly intrigued to see what else you can do...i don't know how some of the reviewers can find this particular flash 'funny' when its just so dark and morbid...anyways, you did a good job portraying insanity and fear. Let's see what else you come up with.

JakeySnakey responds:

Wow your review just makes me wanna dance ..... I guess, I don't know ... who knows? I for one especially do not.

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2007
2:37 AM EST