Circleman & Squareman #3

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This is their 3rd adventure. Since the other two went over moderately less than ok, I decided to make a third one. For some of the non-existent fans out there.


This is the best Circle and Squareman by far!

Loved it. It's randomness is perfectly suited for the style you use, and the duet of Somewhere Over the Rainbow had me laughing in the first few seconds :).

I agree with the Squareman, "WoW sucks" [or at least the people that end up addicted to it make it suck - I swear, WoW has stolen my friends :( ]

Again the voices are brilliant, but if I had one criticism I would have to say that the synchronisation between the voices and animation was slightly off throughout, but overall the animation seemed of a higher quality than episodes #1 and #2, so keep that up, but obviously the style is already enough to make up for any limited animations.

I hope you continue to create these flashes, I think you may just get a mini cult following ^_^.

Great stuff.


Akward journey through soundspace.

I wasn't sure what to think of this video. As I was watching it, I kept thinking, "I don't get it?" but I think that is besides the point. Jerry, I gave it a 3 for graphics because its plain, but I assume you were keeping it similar to the first two...

but I gave it a good score in overall and humor because I much enjoy the abstract animations that may or may not have a meaning behind them. and of course the quick flash of text at the end had me Lawling, for real too. It was very unexpected and so that made it all the more funnier.

an 8 for style because I assume the simplicity was part of the style, at least when comparing it to other animations you've done, so I was happy with it.

A 6 on sound because some of the sound was clipping, on the louder parts of course, mostly spoken by the square guy.

Good Work!

Not as funny as the first two ones

Keep creating them, I am a fan!


First off, if you aren't confident in a submission, don't submit it. You don't need fans to submit to Newgrounds.

Anyway, here's what I thought.

Graphics: Let's face it. The graphics weren't all too beautiful, however it kind've make sense that they aren't for a flash such as this...

Style: I guess the style was alright. I like the fact that the characters kind've... I don't know how to explain in, but "act how they look."

Sound: Some of it was a bit difficult to understand, but it was still understandable.

Violence: Not sure. I probably shouldn't review a movie that I didn't completely watch, but then again, it was incredibly boring. This just goes to show you that you need something to grab people's attention, or none of them are going to watch it.

Interactivity: None, but not what the flash was about.

Humor: It wasn't outright hillarious, but it was decently funny.

All in all, it was a decently done flash, and I hope that it make it through the portal. Good luck on this submission and submissions later on!



I watched the first two and tried to protect them so I guess you could call me a fan. This is probably my favorite so far, I'm getting used to your style and the jumping between times and I actually am liking it quite a bit. I was cracking up at the Kelly Clarkson song. Great job, keep em coming! Us fans love your work :D

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2.86 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2007
1:35 AM EST
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