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[AG] Flag Football

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This is a top-down 7 on 7 football game. Pick from 10 unique plays and click to throw the ball in the exact spot you want it. The offensive and defensive AI is very intuitive and they will throw the ball to the open receiver. You can also punt and kick field goals!


Pretty good game, I wish that I could do more than QB sneaks to run the ball. For example, it would be nice if I could do a HB toss or a HB Pass. When it comes to playing offense, my philosophy is more run heavy/run balanced. I prefer using the run to set up the pass, and it'd be great if I could do that in this game. That being said, I love playing teams where my QB bootlegs work like a charm. It makes passing MUCH easier because I can then launch one over the DB's head for a big gain. Oh, and I'd also like a few more fly routes and slant routes.

Good game. Very addicting. The only thing bad about it is that the Field Goals are too hard to make.

Passing is way too easy. You can call the same play for eternity, throw to the same receiver at the same time, and get a 15 yard pass every play. Also, if the defender and the receiver are right on top of each other, the receiver always gets it, which also makes defending practically impossible. Buff the defense a lot and you got yourself a good football game.

this game sucks

the game is good but the passing is SHIT coulda been a good football game if i could just press a button then boom its going to him i hate passing like that so 3/5

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3.97 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2007
10:43 PM EST
Sports - Soccer