Mario Balboa

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Mario Balboa gets his ass kicked by Kirby Drago, and has to get in shape for revenge!


that was really awesome

that was really cool, make part 2

pepsimax1 responds:

thanks, maybe i will


the good thing about it is that, it didn't suck
it was good actually ^.^

pepsimax1 responds:

thank you my good sir


hey...not bad for a beginner!
im waiting for the sequel ^^

pepsimax1 responds:

thanks man!

Wasnt the worst..

Just gotta say.. You lazy xD.. the whole mario "train" thing.. nothing was animated except mario.. which kinda made me bored.. It wasnt bad for a first tho, Just work on the animation a bit, and.. well.. work on your fight scenes a bit, wasnt expecting a Alvin Earthworm fight scene since this is your 1st, but yeah. wasnt bad.. just practice up a bit and you might be a great flash artist =]

pepsimax1 responds:

haha yeah im pretty lazy, but come on do you have a clue how long time it takes animation just mario do bounce around and fight?? come on man give me some slack, its my first xD thx for review

It made my brain hurt....

I have to admit this little diddy had me at first but once i saw all laws of animation thrown out the window, i had to make a decision that it was just a piece of amateur maggotass.

pepsimax1 responds:

ur commentar is pure bullshit..

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2.10 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2007
6:12 PM EST
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