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Abstract: Sea

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Author Comments

*Thanks for the Frontpage* :)

Abstract sea is the first of what we hope will be a trilogy of different shoot 'em ups (shmups) done in this abstract style. This is a sort of tribute to those of you who liked the neon games, but wished they were keyboard controlled.

You control a lone gun boat in a battle against the enemy naval force, you must survive as long as you can while trying to rack up a massive score by making huge kill combos and collecting all the bonus points dropped by enemy ships.

This is a game very much based on style and music, we hope you enjoy it!

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I got a score of, I think, 25,808. What really struck me as cool about this was just how relentless it was! I was surprised that something that didn't seem to have a lot of detail could be so much fun! I especially think it's really cool how you can just keep on firing and the ammo keeps coming out! I knew it would be too good to be true for you to keep the weapons. At least you knew how long you could have them.

I appreciated the really cool music. The graphics reminded me of something by gel. It's mostly the blue tint. I appreciate you creating a fairly original game that has this stuff blowing up and it's just fun from beginning to end! The gameplay isn't that complicated and I am glad of that.


AWESOMEST ABSTRACT GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and btw for those who are interested i maxed out the score counter XD took 2 hours of dodging bullets and missiles (and about 20 ships at a time =P) if anyone manages to last longer than 2 hours 4 minutes and 57 seconds PLEASE PM ME!!!!!!

Lol, got seconds place

It's not bad, but it's not great either. I found it a little overwhelming when there were about 10 vehicles surounding me, shooting from all sides

Was good

I really liked it. The graphics were simple, controls were easy to use.
It got pretty hard to see enemies/projectiles later when a lot of stuff was on the screen.
Biggest problem was that sometimes no powerups would spawn from the enemies and your weapon would downgrade. REALLY annoying when the later enemies come fast and are hard to take down.
and as the last person said, I absolutely hate instructions on an outside website. If you HAVE to leave them out of the game, just write them in the description.

A bit too simple for my tastes.

+ Great controls
+ Smooth graphics
+ Music was enjoyable enough
- Repetitive
- Very little replay value
- Too easy for too long
> Add something! Anything! :P
> Why weren't the instructions in the game? Could've started the game a lot sooner if I didn't have to wait for a new window to load... (Lagged because of it)

Overall, the fun only lasts a couple minutes, but it's still worth a play. I can't really drag this review out since there's so little here. :|

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2007
6:10 PM EST