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Mouse Olympics!

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UPDATE: No more switcher-cheats for you guys!

Yet another mouse avoider. But I swear it gets interesting after level 9.

50 levels, 2 months, 350 objects. Leave reviews, please.

Cheaters, attention! Level passwords available here: http://tinyurl.com/33ex7d

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The game is great but if you quickly move your mouse then it will go through the wall.

not good

i only put 2 of 10 coz the right click cheats

sysrq868 responds:

Here's an easy solution for you: don't cheat, for goodness' sake.

Do you seriously think all the other efforts I had in this game are nearly void because of something that is beyond my ability to fix?

Thanks for the review though,
-- sysrq868

easy to cheat

good mouse avoider but u need to do somthin about the right mouse button cheat

sysrq868 responds:

As I have said before, there's nothing I can do about it.

Thanks for the review though,
-- sysrq868

Great game!

Everything in this game is nice, best mouse avoider I ever played. But level 23 is nearly impossible! o.o

Congratulations! ^^

sysrq868 responds:

Greek mythology for the win! :)

Thanks for your review!
-- sysrq868

Level codes

Level 2: cottagecheese
Level 3: notdennis
Level 4: groundsgold
Level 5: infantry
Level 6: retrospect
Level 7: ointment
Level 8: alimony
Level 9: tradition
Level 10: coalmine
Level 11: experience
Level 12: halloween
Level 13: badluck
Level 14: rosebud
Level 15: gouranga
Level 16: hiphopper
Level 17: rayliotta
Level 18: semicolon
Level 19: phenomenon
Level 20: meritocracy
Level 21: brainstorm
Level 22: paparazzi
Level 23: wormwood
Level 24: dangerous
Level 25: cancrine
Level 26: diagram
Level 27: feedback
Level 28: eattoast
Level 29: edition
Level 30: cleaning
Level 31: roundabout
Level 32: adverts
Level 33: salvation
Level 34: grammar
Level 35: astrology
Level 36: blueish
Level 37: videodisc
Level 38: vegabrio
Level 39: hypnotic
Level 40: magician
Level 41: earth
Level 42: lookout
Level 43: surgery
Level 44: pancakes
Level 45: racecar
Level 46: paddle
Level 47: worthwhile
Level 48: horseback
Level 49: rubberduck
Level 50: newgrounds

sysrq868 responds:

Nice! I got a hold of your scores of the review... (Violence 8?!)

Thanks for the review!
-- sysrq868

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2007
1:52 AM EST