El Emigrante: Wall Party1

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Well, I personally don't like this episode that much, but hopefully you guys will. This is part one of a 3 part episode.

Just accross the border in the USA, the local major is running for election again with his highly successful one policy campain. His goal is to build a wall between Mexico and the US. Jose, however, is undaunted.


cool one

nice addition to El Emigrante. i think the wall is a little extreme, yet an amusing idea/plot. i didn't have a clue with that mayor/senator or whatever he was, was saying 90% of the time... but it was still a nice addition to this great series. i can't wait to see how this one unfolds.

I like the series, but

I know it's been said before many times, but can you please add a skip button for the opening credits? Also, please make the episodes just one long episode, not part 1, part 2, and so on.

transience1 responds:

I premade the episodes and i don't have flash on my computer anymore, but don't worry i'm getting it again. but for now i can't do that.

Little Immigrant...

Not too bad, flash was decent. It was a little slow, hopefully the continuation will make up for this one. Try some music in the background perhaps.


I'm glad there's some new stuff going on, but you still haven't added a skip button for the introduction credits. Most people who are following your series have viewed them at least 9 times by now.

I can't quite figure out why you wouldn't want to make your cartoons as convenient to watch as possible. This has been mentioned in many reviews since you posted the first episode.


I was missing the typical dialog between pedro and jose...

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Feb 25, 2007
3:16 PM EST
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