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YK - 42 owns the KK 002

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Yo this is my second ANTI KK movie. Keep in mind this is an ANTI KK movie. Leave a review, and vote 5!

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my fav wuz the bit where e got shot, plus it's good (only cuz it's kk hating) 5/5 :'D

You're dumb.

Look, I've been in groups like the KK before. Yes, I hate them, because they are posers at what they do. They don't insult nearly as well as the SS or the other groups before them, and their flashes just aren't funny.

Anyhow, here's a secret. Making flashes saying "I HATE U LOLZ" will not make them stop. In fact, it will provoke them to continue to just to annoy you. I know I would. The only way these groups stop is internal conflict or interest dwindling, neither of which you can do anything about. They will leave NG, like every other group. And when they do, another group will arise, starting the whole process over again.

Anyhow, about this animation.

It wasn't good. At all. This is vastly overrated.

Graphics: the tank was stolen from NG, the KK kitty was stolen from KK. The background wasn't bad, I will admit. The black to red thing was kinda bland but whatever.

Style: How can you rate "Style"?

Sound: Bland.

Violence: Terrible. Blood does not come out in a circle like that.

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: None.

Overall: Overrated and wasn't blammed because it was against "the great evil".


Cinnabonmon responds:

well im not exactly trying to provoke the kk, im just trying to be controversial. anyway at least i dont make flash about that gay show naruto, god..


My favorite part is the "MEEEAAAAAAAOOOW" right before he gets shot - i hate the KK and will gladly collab with you folks to mock their pathetic flashes!



Cinnabonmon responds:



Thanx you for shooting that damn cat. I hate KK with a passion. U freaking rule man

Cinnabonmon responds:

well, yeah, i know

Yes anti KK!!

I´ll help in this fucking collab

Cinnabonmon responds:

ok! pm kitty-and meander