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If the X-Box and PS2 win this console war, it will ruin console gaming in general. That's a lot of experienced gamers' problem with the X-Box. Microsoft (as evidenced by their way of licensing and such) knows nothing about games. They look at numbers and try to buy out the companies that will sell the most games and get the most cash. The same with Sony. Note that neither company has a dynamic first party that constantly produces fantastic titles (ie. Nintendo or Sega).

Nintendo, on the other hand is a company that has been making fantastic games forever. Nintendo's first party games have always been spectacular, and only uninformed idiots say that their titles are "kiddy games." If anything, games that focus on blood and guts are aimed at kids, since it is normally the kids who search for that type of stuff in their games.

If Nintendo goes, the days when console gaming was about the gaming will be gone, and it will become STRICTLY a big-name-game, in it for the money business. Thus, the Gamecube MUST beat the X-Box, if only to save gaming as we see it.

As for the systems, the order of purchase right now stands at Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, then X-Box if you're buying the system "for the games." The Dreamcast has the best and most varied library, the PS2 is second (With the awesome must-buy Metal Gear Solid 2), the Gamecube is third (Smash Bros. Melee), and the X-Box is 4th. The X-Box only has Halo, which is a mediocre FPS. I say mediocre because it does NOT stand up to PC FPS (No massive multiplayer...most people don't play single person FPS), and had it been released on P.C. like it was supposed to, it would have been mostly overlooked unless it got a nice multiplayer MOD.

Dead or Alive 3 is CRAP. I will repeat that if you didn't hear...CRAP. See, I have Dead or Alive 2, and it's the same freakin game with better graphics, and graphics DO NOT change the gameplay! DOA3 is a "Championship edition" to a so-so fighter (button masher), and is in no way worth the purchase of a system. Similarly, Madden and NFL2K are superior to NFL Fever in every way (Including graphics - Madden and 2K have more realistic movements and player animations).

In conclusion, support Nintendo or console gaming will die.



First off Sony and Microsoft has already won the war. The nintendo revolution (that childish gimmicky POS) is third rate and shall also be 3rd rate just like the gamecube was on the sales charts. Nintendo constantly milks the lame mario franchise any time they get to. It is over...Xbox 360 and the Sonly Playstation 3 will crush the revolution like a small roach. Nintendos games are NOT fun. They are gimmicks that get the attention of the simple minded gamers. Zelda sucks. Mario sucks. Metroid sucks. Thats honestly all I have to say. Nintendo WILL stop making consoles and start making games for the big dogs in time. Cmon there are at least 5 different versions of the gameboy already...The big thing is that non of these upgraded versions did anything HUGE compared to the next exept maybe a screen that lights up or the size. They did not focus on the main goal. Graphics and gameplay. There is only so much a touchscreen that wears out in time can do.

Truly Good animation

Truly great. You made Vivi and Link perfectly. And nice touvh with the PSO boss music.

Love the animation

Loved the animation, great job. Link looked sort of funny at times.

110 % better then your Mario vs. Sonic one

Sephiroth rocks i dont know if he waws in your Sonic one because that one was so slow and bad that i watched about 30 seconds of it. But this one is great, Vivi isn't a smash star by the way. Like the reviewer before me asked. That's why he didn't know. This video is great but i would've preffered if Sephiroth ripped them apart with his sword instead of using an ultima spell. Im going to assume that is what that yellow beam was.

I think I've figured you out. . .

You're going to have Sephiroth destroy all Super Smash Bros. stars and then "The Master". I never knew that ViVi was a Smash Star! And Zelda. . .Was she taken captive or was she killed? AND HER HAIR IS SUPPOSED TO BE BLONDE, NOT BRUNETTE!!!!! Grr. -_-; Anyway, great job.

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Nov 4, 2001
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