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Blinding Lines (mouse)

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I love mouse games, so I decided to make one... With 30 levels!

I hope you all enjoy 'Blinding Lines' my newest little game... It took quite a bit of effort because of the boredom of creating all the levels, but it was worth it.
Thanks, remember to vote high and review!

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hold ur mouse

hold the left mouse button and let go wen u get th the e

when i like a game its all tens even if its not funny or has voilence

crushy responds:

Nice tens :D

YOU HAVE TO COME UP WITH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

THIS is pRefect just like I planned it you may use any of my submissions anytime you want. STAY IN SCHOOL DUDE I know what is happening. Finally as I said feel free to use more of our submissions think about this you could add a picture background to these awesome games. There is no everybodysfavorite Only MEGAPOP and that in Turn is the Summer SOn you have all reasons to legitimize your trade and continue publishing and polishing this successful GAME.


p.s. Check out UKB "UK beat" from the Archives. (Did you know that you have me upbeaming via satellite everytime someone plays the game?~ I'm playing too~) that is all.

p.s.s. More Collaboration!

crushy responds:

I didnt really understand that much XD But you can pm me if its anything to important and I'll check out your other songs, thanks.

Thats too easy to cheat

Thats too easy to cheat
learn better programming

crushy responds:

My programming wasn't the problem, I was un-aware of the glitches in the first place.

good job

35 TRAVIZ 666 8,482
35th place meh easy... but good game

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crushy responds:

Thanks, nice score.

Ok, but could be better

I noticed the game could easily be cheated as long as either of the mouse buttons were held down, ruining the challenge for those who exploit the game's bugs.

I must admit it was a very difficult challenge when I went through it the first time with no cheats, but it could use adjustable difficulties like say what the game IS is normal but say hard has twice as many levels.

crushy responds:

Thanks for the pointers, I never realised how many ways there were of cheating... Anyway I might make a second version depending on how well this does, and will probobly make a mode with 1 life or something, Thanks.

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3.54 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2007
2:26 PM EST
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