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Rumble Ball field 2

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Dont ask why I didnt submit it before.
I m sorry hiscores not work and u have to enter name at the begining.


Also nice

I liked this one, too, just like the first instalment - naturally, I suppose, given that not that much actually changed.

The changes you did introduce, such as the bigger coins, multipliers and "frozen" coins all worked very well and naturally fit in with the rest of the game; I still would've wished for a longer game, but I'm not gonna complain - even a short period of fun and relaxation is good, after all. *s*

Still gonna check out 3 and 4 (and 3v2) now.

GameBalance responds:

now you gotta start listen my music ^_^

great work

I didn't like the game, honestly speaking, but I'm not gonna be unfair. It's such a great piece of work. The graphics are really good and the interactivity is perfect. I guess it just isn't my style. :P

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GameBalance responds:

I agree with that i missed something in this. However this concept is something new and not developed yet into some classic that will have really cool gameplay. I mean concept was new when i did thought up it.

I think the problem is goal... I mean just to score biggest score.

Very nice game, the ball could roll some more mayb

This is great! The sounds are so funny when u hit a whole bunch of coins in one go, it makes a song :D. Also, it aint too hard to do, so even small kids can play it.

Great game, keep it up ;)

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Very good

Very good, I really don't see why you didn't put it up earlier.
The ball went a bit too short without stopping. Work on that and you might get more than a 4 ;D

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Original and addicting. Probably one of the best games I've stumbled on in a while. Hope you win some awards for this. ^_^
I love it. Favorite'd

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3.60 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2007
9:28 AM EST
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