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Modify the given dude however you like, make tattoos change faces, clothes, glasses, footwear.

By the way you can change the little black dudes eyes!



You took your time with this. Or mabye you were just bored...either way it was still worth it.

it was pretty good

whenever I looked at the squinty eye with the tear my eyes started to hurt lol I think it was good but the graphics wern't to good and the fact that you have to click made me mess up the other stuff a lot but I think it was good so I gave it a 3 out of 5.

Good...Not Great

The only thing that really shifted me away from this game was the graphics.
And the 'click for options' didn't suit me either. Dress up games are better with the 'bulk variety' when choosing what to wear, etc.

Although, it was a good effort and game. And it looks like there was time spent on making it.
Keep it up.

Well, you tried.

I don't like many dress-up style games, but for some reason I keep checking them out. Yours had ugly graphics that did, admittedly, grow on me, and some nice options for customizing your 'dude'. Well, unfortunately, either through a design decision or just a mistake, your little guy loses all his clothes you've outfitted him with once you close the glasses or accessories menus, making the game much more annoying than it needs to be. I often wanted to see my little 'dude' on the background but the menus got in the way, and if I closed them my 'dude' lost his mustache! Sorry, but I've got to give this thumbs down.

Very cool game

i gave it a humor five cuz of the black guys behind him xD was trying to figure out what they were looping about :P but it was a good game like the style no music thats sad :( so i gave it sound 0 but its pretty good so make more and good luck in the future. / Necs

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2.75 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2007
8:36 AM EST
Puzzles - Other