Soul Quest

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WildTwilight's first game.

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I liked the audio, and graphics were smooth, but this game just has not that thing which is keeping you playing it. So it got my 6 :)

nice one

that was a very nice game. it had a very nice concept to it, a great time killer and your efforts were nice. it was a little tricky at first, as i wasn't used to the controls or knew what to do, but once i figured this one, then i had a much easier time with it and i enjoyed it a lot more.
nice work on this one, it was nice.

Thanks for that - I really enjoyed it!

That's a really nice game! Original, simple, well put together, graphics were quite stylish (I'm a sucker for gradient fills, I really am!)... I also usually don't approve of mouse-controlled games as they are usually too fiddly, but this seemed to be OK just this once.

A couple of things: All score bars, lives counters, level information should go OUTSIDE the area of play, preferably into one area you can easily glance at to find out all you need to know. Nothing's more annoying than the game data distracting you from the game and vice versa. Fence off the arena and put the data OUTSIDE it.

Sorry I gave the sound a 0 - I can't hear sound on this computer, it may well have been good but I can't tell.

Pretty good.

Not my favorite, but definitely not bad. Nice.

Not my thing.

I do not particularly enjoy games where you chase something around a screen,but I gave your's a try anyway. The concept of using the soul and the quest for knowledge was original and much better than any concept used in the other "Chase" games. Also the music was an absolute perfect match,was it "TOOL" or "A Perfect Circle"? Either way nice job;you should take your sensibilities and obvious flair for the unusual and make something more complex and appealing. Just some thoughts,~pigmother~

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2.69 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2007
1:19 AM EST
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