Orlando's Joint #8

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***Thanks to Tom for frooooont paaaaage! Woot! And I have NO IDEA how I missed noticing that Orlando has 6 fingers -- obviously need to cut back on a few habits, heh. But I will fix that in the next couple days. Thanks to all for taking the time to review, I do read 'em all!***

It's the conclusion to the "Wreckahead's Revenge" storyline! Who is Wreckahead? Why is he shooting LPs at Orlando? Why are you still reading this crap instead of watching the damn episode? You crazy???...


come on

I think the voice acting wasnt convincing at all. The only thing remotly funny in this flash was that he got a record stuck in his head, but the joke quickly died. And what realy lowerd the score was that bug. Its not cute! An animal that acts "cool" and falls over cuz the thing it's holding is way too big for it, is way too old. AND really reminded me of Foamy, felt like a ripoff. Lipsync was good though


that was stupid, dont know how it made front page....and why did orlando have 6 fingers in several scenes? this wasnt that good but I will watch the others I wont judge ya just from one movie


Brilliant series, although i spotted a mishap, when Orlando is talking about his Double Joints and has his fist clenched, he has 5 fingers instead of 4! lol Was this purposly done? Or did u draw it wrong and think "ah well, no one will notice!" lol

Keep up the great work


Truly Hilarious

Nice storyline, good voice acting, and awesome animations is what makes this flash really good. I really loved the way curses popped out of nowhere and simple and retarded jokes came out to be so funny. Good job, man.

just fkin awesome

oh man thats...beyond fxd up...and i loved every second of it ^^

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3.84 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2007
10:15 AM EST
Comedy - Original