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Edit* Thanks for daily second and frontpage, we really appreciate that. The song is Blue Bossa, by Gizmo-Hall.

This is some sort of logic game. We created a little different world. Almost all of the game is hand drawn. Hope you'll like it!

Arrow keys - move.
Space - use.
X - exit device/machine.

Note that you will use only few buttons, so if you are stuck try
pressing every button. For example to climb ladders you must
tap left and right arrow keys.


how did this make front page?

I gave it a 10 for interactivity... well cuz its a game... u get an 7 in graphics because i guess it was decent looking for a hand drawn game... it was an interesting/annoying trippy style and it made no sense what-so-ever! a 6 year old could have figured it out... there was no logic.. it's like the kind of random thing you'd expect to come on a cell phone (well... if it werent soo trippy i spose it could.. it was extremely short and the only part that required any "logic" is at the end where you have to notice the numbers.... anything else is pretty common sense.. so overall.. a 2.. because it just wasnt worth the time honestly.. sorry to be soo brutally honest.. but next time make something thats longer than 2 minuites with actual logic.. not beginner's retard logic (like figuring out to push the g down... thats the first time you see a ladder ever and there isnt any other sort of logic...

Not so good...

Very boring, sorry, it's just too easy and no point.

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what is this crap.

i was expecting a good adventure game but this was crap.no storyline no charecters just floting animals and one that even had a gun!make a game with a story line.

it's stupid

u walk and walk and walk and u can't walk u r like stuck in that room


whats the point?

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2007
11:22 AM EST
Adventure - Other

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