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=Quadrobarrel Defence=

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Action - Shooter - Fixed

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Feb 20, 2007 | 1:28 PM EST

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Author Comments

Download my games here: http://dz2001.newgrounds.

System requirements:
You will need a fast machine to play this, 2.5-3Ghz would do.
Press Q to adjust quality at any time in case of a lag.

Game Features: 4-cannon turret; 6 weapons + 2 mine types; 16 enemies; 3 Game Modes; 30 attack waves; Numerous upgrades and powerups.



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way to busy

you need to simplify this game. You have way too much going on to make this enjoyable. This game maybe enjoyable to you but for the average player this game sucks.


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"The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole. "
How about you let me decide how I want to review the game. Thanks.

The game starts out great, but like practically every other defense-style game in existance, the author just plies on more and more pointless enemies in random waves that eventually results in the biggest failure, ego-fluff, circle-jerk; the ever-apparent lack of balance. After wave 24 in the story/scenario mode, winning becomes more luck than actual strategy.

Even with a full reactor, nearly full shields, and nearly full attack, it is only by pure luck you'll continue winning. You won't have enough energy to use the weapons you need to, the author apparently decided to pull a random number out of an orifice when it came to your max number of mines (which happen to not be saved, thus every time you restart a level, you have to re-lay the mines. It gets fucking irritating after the 50th time), and what the fuck is with the turret tracking? If I just point and shoot, it tracks instantly with the mouse. The moment I try and lay down a blanket of fire, suddenly the gun grows a fat ass and drags tit after the mouse, resulting in firepower not being where you want it, let alone need it.
The quad-barrel concept is wasted since enemies rarely are 90' or 180' degrees from eachother; it would have been much, much, MUCH better had the four barrels been in parallel, amplifying your offense for the cost, instead of just squirting off shots into nearly random directions.

So, good try DZ2001; but the game fails at being truly unique.

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couldnt understand a freakin thing that was goin on and it was boring