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=Quadrobarrel Defence=

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Download my games here: http://dz2001.newgrounds.

System requirements:
You will need a fast machine to play this, 2.5-3Ghz would do.
Press Q to adjust quality at any time in case of a lag.

Game Features: 4-cannon turret; 6 weapons + 2 mine types; 16 enemies; 3 Game Modes; 30 attack waves; Numerous upgrades and powerups.



this game was great! as are your others... but there was one level that bugged the crasp outta me! about EIGHT of the nuke trucks coming at once?! thats too much man! but over all nice

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Great game

i agree it is a little hard but still a great game 8/10 here.


It was certainly easier than your last submission...until lvl 30 which was as hard as the other levels together.

Very good and challenging game

I think this was a very good and challenging game, although it got really hard in the end. I got to wave 28, I just couldn't make that one, although I tried at least 10 times. From wave 20, I needed several attempts to discover the right strategy/weapon and so on to use.

I agree with the previous review, that I would like the gun to spin with the same speed when you're firing. However, I can imagine you did this to stop people from firing like crazy to kill everybody, thus forcing us to think before we fire.

All in all, very good game.

Lots of fun

I'm liking this game a lot. One of the better games of its type with a well balanced difficulty curve. To those people who are sayng it gets too hard after the 2nd wave or somesuch...seriously. Wave 28 is where it gets hard :) I'll be damned if I can figure out how to kill that mass of enemies.

There are a few problems with turret rotation and of great irritance is that after using the Shockwave, the guns swich back to the starter weapon, not the one you had on before you switched to the shockwave.

The 4 turret thing feels a bit gimmicky though. Suppose becaues of the absurd energy it drains, I never feel its of much (read: any) use.

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Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2007
1:28 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed