Megaman X Virus Mission 2

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No, I have never played Megaman X Command Mission, but this game is based on it. It is actually a game/movie since the main interactive part is followed by the long cut-scene.
After 4 months of hard work and learning a lot of new scripts here it is. It may lag on slow computers so you maybe should lower quality. I hope you will all enjoy playing, even not the Megaman fans! Remember to vote fairly!


Very awsome!Its one of my favorite games!

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:-) You rule!!! Same, I have never played Megaman X command Mission.

Reply for ZeroEdgeX: I think Magma Dragoon came from Megaman X4 and Blizzard Wolfgang came from Megaman X6 I think.

And by the way, You rule!!! =]

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Nice going that first fight came uop and i was waiting for something to happen like a moron, Prety tight game though nice job.

hey j0sir you're a faggot!!!!!

I love this game as the first episode, no more words, keep you're good work!;)

Awesome!!! Again!!!

Group battles are much better! It was tricky, like the last one, but I was acually able to beat the boss! By the way, which games did Magma Dragoon and Blizzard Wolfgang appear? I've only played the first Megaman X, they were not in that one. I had to give the game up for my Gamecube. I have only beaten Chill Penguin and, with luck, Storm Eagle till now. ? This game is awesome and I can't wait till the next one.

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4.24 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2007
8:09 AM EST
Adventure - RPG