Bills Adventures EPS 1

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Bill gets ready to greet the day but has an unfortunate accident that starts his first adventure. Enjoy!!


Alright I guess... bla

First of all the flash, Where you paying respect to Homer Simpsons 5 o'Clock shadow bit, or did you just try to steal it??? cus' I knew it was ganna grow back even before he stared shaving, it was copied from the Simpsons, the drawing looks like it too, and his voice is exactly like Homers too, I first gave you a 7 before I wrote this, but now I'm pissed off cus I can see how unoriginal and boring your work was, YOU GET 3!!!! For when her sharted.

Psychotic-Dan responds:

Yes i already know that Bills first episode is too much like the simpsons.
Thats why episode 2 is so differnt.
and Bill does not look anything like Homer as for the voice, its not my fault i sound like him, Fucking simpsons have done everything, origanality is hard to find these days.

But i dont care... LONG LIVE BILL!!!

just like the David episodes

seems just like it and good too.

cool one

that was a cool animation. it was also a nice start to this series you have got here. it had a nice concept to it, good graphics, cool characters, quite entertaining and amusing and your efforts were nice. i look forward to seeing more.

Psychotic-Dan responds:

Thanks. but im interested to know why you gave this the exact same score as my first flash, when this is clearly better.

the intro was really nice...

...but the rest wasn't at all. Exspecially the vioce action. You'd better write next time. Your drawing skill isn't bad, but this movie makes no sense.


Nothing new or interesting.

Psychotic-Dan responds:

please dont bother writing that crap there.. it'd be better if you said why
rather then what you voted on....

ya dumb ass.

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3.83 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2007
2:34 AM EST
Comedy - Original