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We're back


Back with vengence

I see you Glocks are back nothing bad tho.

Yup... No! Another pointless GG-submission.

Please, tell me, why you people bother me with this kind of poop? This was really boring submission. Just a waste of time...

My point is: If you guys have to do some flash-animations, then do something decent. If you are incapable to do that, please go to Hell! And, if you are unable understand my criticism, I suggest that you go and look in to the mirror and think if there's something wrong inside your tiny heads.

There's only one GG-flash I like, and it's "TCOF: Screaming Mushroom". I liked that one because it was good, original and funny. I already began to think that GG doesn't suck after all, but it seems that I was terribly wrong. And if you have to pollute the whole God damn Internet with your submission, then I suggest that you make good spam instead of this crappy spam.

And finally, because you seem to like spamming, I spam this submission with a quote from "Negative Nancy" (you asked for this!): BABABABABABABABBABABABAABABBAB ABABABABABABABABABABABABABABAB ABABABABABBABABABABABABABABABA BABABABABABABABABABABABABA...


!!! really

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The Glock Group are back. I just hope you do better than we did.

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I have to say that HeinekenGlocks was the best. "are you aware of the fact that PirateGlock is a gay whore?" "Yes, I am aware that PirateGlock is a gay whore, and he should die somewhere." LOLZ


-meowmix =^.^=

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2007
12:38 AM EST
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