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Unknown to most I have written several original stories, the oldest of which is called "Adeshra." While I have yet to create a full film based on its story, this game will allow you to explore Adeshra's cast and create your own character from a library of over 150 articles of clothing. NOTE: because I choose an awkward 3/4 view, not all items work together. Enjoy!


Peaceful and fun.

I liked playing around, and it offers a lot of things even professional MMORPGs don't have. A nice example of good character customization.

But, what the Hell?
When I change my eyes, my mouth moves as well? Either split it into 2 sections or call it "face".

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i think this is ok but it needs more detail

its a ok i giving it a 10

my favorite looks

you can get really good looks. I play this more than any other character creator. Here is how to make some characters I like and make a lot:
Hair: click < arrow 3 times
Eyes: click > arrow 7 times
Necklace: click < arrow 5 times
UnderShirt: click > arrow 3 times
OverShirt: click > arrow 3 times
Pants: click > 12 times
Shoes: click < 4 times
Another one I like:
Hair: click < 7 times
Necklace: click > 1 time
UnderShirt: click > 4 times
OverShirt: click < 19 times
Pants: click < 7 times
Shoes: click < 1 time

I hope you like the looks.

Your story sounds interesting. Please make a flash version. It could be 2 hours. If it is, then make it in parts (part 1, part 1, part 3, etc.)

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brilliant! i love character creation things, especially when they're drawn as well as this. the music was great, and a perfect fit for the feel of the story and the look of the characters. i'd love to see some kind of Adeshra movie, i know you said it'll probably never happen, but still. maybe if enough people ask for it you'll find a way to get it animated? maybe send the script round some animation studios and see if anyone picks it up, its worth a try. you never know...

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I wanna see a movie for it!!

I think that this is something i'd trly look forward too, i just hope i dont forget about it because i think i'd be interested in seeing the movie when you get it finished!!! i read the whole bio's on the characters it just sounds like it will be great!!! great choice for music too! ;) i think it really blends for the feel of it.

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4.08 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2007
10:10 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up
  • Daily 4th Place February 21, 2007