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Unknown to most I have written several original stories, the oldest of which is called "Adeshra." While I have yet to create a full film based on its story, this game will allow you to explore Adeshra's cast and create your own character from a library of over 150 articles of clothing. NOTE: because I choose an awkward 3/4 view, not all items work together. Enjoy!


Dude Go For It.

In response to your response to the last review... “but so few people will sit through a 3 minute film,” And ALL those people are stupid jerks who don’t matter. I for one would sit through twenty plus 3 minute films including load time to see this story. What ever it takes make this happen. I can tell you have the artistic talent for it. Keeping this story locked up in your head is so sad. With the level of artistic ability you have displayed here if you make a feature length movie national syndication is a very real possibility. Keep working and don’t give up! For the love of GOD don’t give up!!!

Obligatory reference to how great the Ka album, from Cirque Du Soliel was.

I think you may find what I have done with your little person generator amusing. You may or may not know what D&D is but suffice it to say it is a game where you take on the persona of an Imaginary person. I created two groups of four people with the Adeshra character creator that I have been playing in D&D with my friends. Its been allot of fun, so, thank you.


CirrusEpix responds:

Anything Cirque does is spectacular. Hands down.

To answer your answer to my answer: I think I was talking about the difference between watching a film and reading a story. If the Tech-triad doesn't get off their butts and develop an affordable paper-less book, I fear reading will fall by the wayside in this country.

This makes me happy. =)

I agree with everyone who have left such positive reviews. This is beautiful, amazing, inspiring, everything that all of these people have said. This is so uplifting, it just put me in such a wonderful mood. It makes me think of all the childhood stories I've developed in my head over the years but don't know how to recreate them visually. I love this so much. It's just so creative and whimsical. It would be amazing if you could make this into a movie, but I understand completely if you never get to. I only wish there was a way to directly transfer what's in your mind to tangible reality.

CirrusEpix responds:

I've always considered writing it in novel form, but so few people will sit through a 3 minute film - and even less would read a 200 page fiction. I guess that is what holds me back.


omg this dress up is amazing i dont mean to sound like a freak but its really really spritual and the music is amzing it has inspired me to draw anime this way and i would love to email it but i dont have an adress to email it to.

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CirrusEpix responds:

The ironic thing is that this story has always been about spiritualism vs religion. I didn't involve much of that directly into this, but I'm happy to know that it shows.


This is the very first time I give such a high mark. I'm so pleasantly surprised, I had never seen such beautiful drawings, this dress up is absolutely divine. Also the music from the circe du soleil, I used to watch that on the tv, those guys are unbeliavable.
Anyway, all thumbs up and a congratulations for the excellent work. Hope to see more coming.

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CirrusEpix responds:

Its an honor. I can't take any credit for the wonderful music Cirque makes, but I can attempt to create visuals that strive to meet it.

Absolutely Amazing!

I love this game so much! I absolutely love the story idea. Beautiful character design, and awesome graphics! Keep on developing the story idea. I'll look forward to more stuff from you.
Love it, love it, LOVE IT! ^.^

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Feb 19, 2007
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