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Adeshra Character Creator

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Unknown to most I have written several original stories, the oldest of which is called "Adeshra." While I have yet to create a full film based on its story, this game will allow you to explore Adeshra's cast and create your own character from a library of over 150 articles of clothing. NOTE: because I choose an awkward 3/4 view, not all items work together. Enjoy!


good stuff.

very good beginnings of your oldest of stories my friend. I couldn't justify giving you 10s across the board though because as awesome as all of it was, and with as high as its potential is, it's really only a teaser - if you want, might I suggest amping up your reading pages to go more with the fact that there's an obvious design through your whole concept? I dunno, fade-in text, have it read in the voice you want with a level balance against the music... you're obviously very creative. thanks for sharing a small taste of the story.

CirrusEpix responds:

I was going to do an audio reading of them, but I didn't want to up the file size anymore.

Absolutely beautiful in everyway!

I loved the drawing style, very cute. I adored the way all the clothes flowed on the body and all the hair styles were beautiful. The music is the almost tribal kind of music that makes you feel blissfully, and primitavly happy in the actuall creating of the game. Plus, the music done for the other menus made you feel the pain and suffering of the characters. The music is very good at pulling the strings of the emotions. I hope that you can write a book about this story. I would very much like to read it! It sounds like a book that would be a story told from generation from generation. I would suggest not making a movie on it, because stories like that can never have the movie prove its justice to the original story. The best kind of story is the one in the mind and memory.

CirrusEpix responds:

Years ago, the story was one of heroes and battles and felt too much like an empty final fantasy. Many rewrites later, the main character never picks up a weapon. The theme is leadership through heart.

Wow. Just... Wow.

This game is amazing, and you may not think of yourself as an artist, but the art is amazing! I love the style of the art and how there was a function so you could see it without a peice of clothing. The sound and Interactivity wou've gotten a better score if there had been a turn on/off music button, but I enjoyed the music. Such a shame it doesn't loop. I really hope you make the movie! Even if it takes years. Instantly Favorited.

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Best dress-up game ever!

This is, by far, the best dress up game EVER MADE!
Normally when i go to sleep i make up stories in my head :P.
This sorta makes me want to make my own story!
The music really fits it! And the story...*sniff* *sniff* Anyways,
the story is perfect, i loved the clothes, and the surprised look for
the eyes. :3 I'm really looking forward to the story/film/flash/whatever
But this is AWESOME!!

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Very awesome dress-up game!

This game has a gorgeous soundtrack and all of the clothing is stunning! Definately one of NG's best dress-up games. Even though not every clothing article matches with the others, the variety of clothing and choices is far better than most of today's dress-up games. Love it!!!

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CirrusEpix responds:

I am thinking about doing a human based dressup game. The main question, is how do I improve upon what has already been done?

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4.08 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2007
10:10 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up
  • Daily 4th Place February 21, 2007