lol, boston bomb scare

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Why don't you 'fire' your 'lazor'.

Spectacular, fireworks show. (I'm writing in a New York poetic style.)


where is the nudity

COme on, seriously.

The reason submissions like this get such a low score is because they really don't say anything. They provide one or two looped frames with what amounts to a IM message, never really stating their opinion or giving any sort of humor, intelligent or otherwise.


I Heard of this, its true, the Moonanite (ATHF show) Adds made with light brights scared the shit out of every cop in boston and shut down like... everything They thought light brights were bombs... Yup... Terrorist threats man!
(Note: The only reason this got a low score ---Overall--- was because these newbs never watch the news XP)


that sucked man. what was the point of the movie...