The Job Part 1

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This is my english comedy film, hope you enhoy it.



I really like this movie. Very cinematic dialogue, a bit Tarantino-esque in my opinion. I await part two.

well that was boring

for some reason making fun of english people aint funny anymore and this was boring and uninteresting

RobsonStudios responds:

acually i am english so it wouldn't be making fun of them at all. But i still respect ure opinion


This was absolutely superb!

Graphics were very cartoony but very nice, style was very original and hilarious, sound was quality, and the humor was GREAT.

You dont see this kind of humor as often anymore. This was just great!

5'ed and favorited. Make more my good sir.



Again likein my previous review for Devine Obligation Part 2, your style is amazing and so is your story delivery. And yet again your animation and drawing skills let you down. but still the movie deserves it's 9. I know you try really hard with your drawing but it really doesn't do your movies justice. I'd suggest tryin to collaborate with an artist to make a movie. But still if you don't do that, I will be a fan, addin you to my favorite artists, can't wait for your next movie, oh and your voice actin is superb aswell

RobsonStudios responds:

hahah thanks alot man, yeah i may try and get gobi to help me out, but hes really busy latley. Besides, not many people out there just want to animate.

Bloody englishmen

hey good job i liked it i couldnt understand the part when they were at the table talking about shits and biscuits and something about tea also most of the guys look almost the same and i kept on getting them mixed up i look forward to the next movie

RobsonStudios responds:

haha the point was that you were suppost to have no idea what they where talking about.

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2007
3:06 PM EST
Comedy - Original