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everyone's favorite squirrel gets sent on an epic journey to his final destiny.

Spent a few days on this, hope you enjoy it and it doesn't offend you and your religion.


I was very disappointed...

To find that this was not actually a cartoon heralding the end of the Neurotically Yours series.

Oh well. Good show, anyway.

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hmm i dont know what to say about this

I personally like the foamy cartoons and usally get really pissed when people make a whole flash just beraiding others work. However the fact that you accutly seemed to put effort into this helps to get a point across.

Graphics: well drawn and animated
Style: see above
Sound: huh i really liked the song that played (what was it)
Violence and Inter: N/A
Humor: Couldnt tell if it was suppose to be funny or not
Overall: i see alot of potental with you falsh skills but please dont just attack others movies come up with your own ideas and im sure you hear less whining from others. But based on quailty of the movie 7/10 nice work

Social Humor is nessesary

i personally liked the flash. but the world hasn't changed at all. not one bit. therefore i feel that if the world is still full of idiots then those people who comment on the idiocy are still needed.


Amen to the guy postin b4 me. People should vote on this because of the flash itself not because of prejudices for or against foamy. I thought this was a pretty good flash, the music was calming in the beginning. my only complaint was in the end. the movie didn't flow like a flash i was more like a slide show. besides that the flash was pretty awsome. keep up the good work and for other people who read this review, leave reviews that are constructive not just saying "Screw you im a foamy fan boy, illwillpress can do no wrong" thx

Nicely done

I enjoyed this, and people in general need this kind of slap in the face... I've needed it myself, watching one lame foamy rant after another, with the same graphics I've seen a hundred times now. You've probably cost that guy hundreds of dollars in lost merchandise already!

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Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2007
10:40 PM EST
Comedy - Parody