Revenge of the Kongs

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WOOHOO! daily 2nd place!!!
thanks everyone who voted well and after watching the movie. thanks to this (and some lucky too, because it was some amazing flash yesterday) i got the award, thanks all of you ;)

hint: remember the old DKC code to get 50 lives on the file menu screen of the game?? type the code slowly on the main menu screen (you can see the arcade game at Cranky┬┤s house too)

after a looong time working on it, i finally finished it!

DK has been killed by a misterious bomb, and Diddy wants revenge, the Kong krew and Kremlings revive the old and forgotten battles!
i really hope you like this movie!


Pretty cool.

It's rare that you find a Donkey Kong sprite movie anywhere on the internet, so I gotta give you points for trying something other than the typical Mario cartoons I see everywhere.

But the presentation is very inconsistant. The movie tries too hard to be epic and the progression doesn't seem natural or realistic. Granted the movies about monkeys going to war with lizards, but hey, I'm trying to make point here. Another thing is, the movie doesn't know what mood to be, so it switches rapidly between intense sorrow and angry vengeance with no gradual transition between the two.

But otherwise, I like it. Hopefully the next one (if there will be one) will have a little more focus on the story.

Keep kicking ass. :D

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Good job but...

Good story and all that but I found some things kind of awkward and funny. First off...why exactly is Cranky Kong sending a bunch of kids (one baby no doubt) to seek revenge for Kong's death? lol...Why did funky not come....and it was also funny how he brought his surfing board to the funeral (that's what I'm guessing that was). Also if Diddy is asleep, and the rhino is on gaurd....then who is steering the ship at the end? lol...

Good job and all that...but all that just made it seem rather quirky


This is alot more dramatic than any of the other stuff you made and longer too. It blew to see everyone but Diddy get killed (I like Dixie alot). I hope you get around to making the next part of this.


this flash has a very deep story. It is sad but that what makes waiting for the next episode worth it. This is a kind a story that grab you. thank you for the hard work you put in.

Good! But a bit sad...

This movie is good in all aspects. but is not your style.
You always make funny movies , but this one is a bit sad!
Anyways it was really good.

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3.77 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2007
5:01 PM EST
Comedy - Parody