Duplikat! (2of9)

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The continuing misdaventures of the unfortunate feline.



poor Duplicat, these keep gettiing better and better, can't wait for the next ones.

shorter is better

nice but shorter is better maybe one joke per eps number1 rocked

Wow that cat is something else... LOL.

I hope you intend on making more episodes of Duplikat. Very funny. Though 9 shouldn't be the MAX episodes. Hope to see you make more really soon.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5

no that good..

I liked the first one a LOT. It was short, funny, to the point.
This one is not as funny, but a lot longer. Now I see you wanted to improve on that; some people said; make it longer. Well you shouldn't have. Most of the stuff in this movie was unnecessary. It look long, which made it boring. There were some jokes, but they weren't very funny and it took a long time to get to those jokes.. Which makes them even less funny. KEEP IT SHORT. I loved duplicat 1, and I hope I'll love duplicat 3. I've been waiting for this movie, too, and I expected it to be short. too bad ;)

This is really starting to grow on me. :)

When I saw your first Duplikat a while back, I could definitely see a lot of potential, and I made a mental note to keep an eye out for more. ;) I wasn't disappointed.

The sketchy, jumpy style of animation is well-suited to this kind of a show, because it adds to the lighthearted humor. I hope you don't opt for more stunning graphics, lol. I like Duplikat kind of cartoony like this. :p

The humor isn't smack you in the face and gory, but it's definitely present. The cuteness adds to it too. I love it when Duplikat uses his duplication pose and gives that little meow. xD Made me laugh.

The interactivity points come from your kickass preloader, title, and ending page graphics. :) There wasn't a whole lot of functionality, but what was there was pretty.

I'm beginning to love this stuff. Keep it up!

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3.68 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2007
6:23 AM EST
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