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A month in production resulted me with a 4 mins movie(1 layer) Sry 4 the long wait...
2nd movie...It's a stick movie btw...

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It was okay.

The animation wasn't so good, but it had consistency and a good plotline.

Hmmm ok

Like it was okay but not very much detail

But i did like the animation :)

Just keep up the hard work :D

not too bad

that was an alright animation... and cool efforts for a second animation. the audio and the plot to this one were pretty cool, decent graphics and it offered some decent entertainment. for your next animation, i'd maybe suggest browsing the audio portal for some of your audio. that could help you out.

Not bad for a second flash.

There were some parts that had good quality but sometimes it went all out of whack. Like the fingers when the guy dropped the.... whatever it was. The backgrounds weren't bad. just work on character animation more and try to make things not as messy.

But overall good job for you second.

The Loading Screen Text

...is fucked up! Lol thats not proper English o.O It should say

"When an item is stonlen, whether it is owned by the police, or the criminals... There will be one who will take it back!"


Also he says "His corpose hasn't been seen". It should be corpse, not corpose.

Oh, and, a severed arm isn't exactly suitable for all ages! This should be 13+.

I felt you used to much grey in most of the scenes, especially the indoors ones, there were moments when it looked great (when the robber guy had a silhoette and a white light on his back, and others where it was a let down :(