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VD Chainsaw Massacre

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Update: Couple of bug fixes (no more disappearing), some enemies made easier!

The Teddynator killed your girlfriend while you were at a mall shopping, show him your revenge!

Controsl: Left/Rifht = Move, UP = jump, A = Chainsaw, S/D = punch/kick
-Punch Boxes to help you get to higher areas
-cut things blocking your way by using your saw
-you have to beat the enemies down first before you can use your saw, you can use the saw when they go into a "dizzy" animation

Took me forever to make this game, infact I just finished it today...Hope you like it. You'll have to excuse the poping sound on the Voices, I didnt have enough time to get them re-recorded with my new microphone, I'll try to update later.

Have Fun!

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omg wtf is this

hi cool game


The-Mercenary responds:

While I'll admit that the game is a bit shitty, it's not nearly as shitty as your ability to write a review.

This game was horrible and repetitive, the music was horrible, the fighting was sloppy and so was the enemy AI, the user AI was not so responsive and the Voice acting was not as decent at the time, infact it was annoying, in the other hand the art style worked out at the time. A star for effort

Logic... :P

It's ok, but the story has no point & it's boring.

Things you should fix or add: You should make money, for each teddy bear u kill, you get (100$ for example), and you should make a shop within you could buy better chainsaw's, this could make the game better & more cool.


The-Mercenary responds:

well you can upgrade the power of the saw to where it can cut straight through the weaker enemies without having to fight them first.