Valentine's Day Dreamer

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This is my first Flash submission! Yay! I really hope you all like it. I only had the weekend to do it before Valentine's Day. Took me at least 16 hours. So with that said, enjoy.(Please vote gently, I'm new at this!)

EDIT: Opps! wrong Flash file.(Idiot!!!)


I liked it

Just one question..why is the hair 2 different colors?


I know the feeling :-)-:

At least she got up with a smile on her face.

I'm glad for someone who acknowledges the plight of all us chronically single folks out there and gives a little something for us.

Oh, and not a bad bit of animation, either. Thanks.


this is great you fit the timing to the mood of the movie, it was pretty short, but very good for your first one.

Looked good

Niceatmosphere. I assume the strange black face is some kind of anime convention? Surely it was a bit dark, just the same?

i think it needs to end and replay buttonrahter than loop.

Best of luck- you may need it cos you told everyone its your first flash and the statwhores may blam it without looking at it.
No, really its good work.

That was O.K.

I know its Aname but there hair was retarded.

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2.17 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2007
7:28 PM EST
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