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** Updated Feb 16: Thanks a ton for putting this on the front page! **

This cartoon is not about homosexuality, nudity, cannibalism, suicide, or euthanasia. It's actually a love story that coincidentally contains all of those things. It was inspired by these four small mixed media paintings I made called "unforgettable". My approach to most of my mixed media and collage work is that the story is already there and I'm just finding it. This detaches me from whatever inherent creepyness the final product contains.


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that sucked..

that was gay........literally......it wasnt a very good flash anyway...

I didn't feel anything...

I liked the mixture of styles. Even though it was all drawn, the mix of drawing style, the faces and the sharp transitions gave it a bit of a collage 'vibe'.

Liked the fast pace, with the transitions well timed.

I did find, however, that whilst I'll probably retain some memory of this cartoon, I didn't 'feel' anything whilst or after watching it. I didn't empathise with the characters, laugh at the idiocy, reel in horror, nor feel any other particular emotion.

Great style. A story told in a way as to quickly lodge in my brain. But I didn't feel anything...


Thats cool it wass alittle comfusing because it was so short but i whatched it twice so now i get it. good job, i guess. I really likes the voice and the story and also the faced they had. cool stuff. i guess.

catswilleatyou responds:

but no guessing allowed!

love it

perfektly wierd and the song at the end was awesom. great woek man

catswilleatyou responds:

thank you


this was a paradox. the style for the characters wasn't great (maybe thats what you were doing for just this) but i enjoyed it emensly (i think that is spelled right). it was humorous and it made me happy.

catswilleatyou responds:

yeah... stylistically im still rough around the edges ...trying to discover how far i should develop something that im going to animate...
glad you enjoyed it

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3.39 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2007
12:05 PM EST