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This is my 3rd game.
If your spin power is enough- stop it!
Enjoy! :)



Not the best but it was ok.
- Your friend, AsianSpark :)

the game sucks. the spinny wheels rocks!

i could say the game is awful, but i wont(too late!), because it has the best spinny illusion on the flash circle's planet.

cool one

that was a pretty nice game. a little bit complex overall, but it was still quite nice to play, good graphics, good gameplay, good audio and it offered a nice challenge to it.


^^Good Points^^
The graphics were kind of flashy in this. I definitely think the quality graphics had a lot to do with the score this game has. The music was pretty cool too. Also, a high score list is always a good thing to have.

^^Needs Improving^^
Doesn't have that addicting quality that most good games have. This one was just pretty boring. Seems more like a straight game of chance rather than one that requires much skill at all. I got 0 on my third try, so I got bored with this pretty early.

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good game, but too simple

game is really good, cool idea!
but i think its too simple, everybody reachs a difference of 0 after playing some minutes...
ideas great, you should think of some effects or sth which makes it more difficult ;)

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3.26 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2007
10:57 AM EST
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