Auway Gabang

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As a traditional board game played with go pieces (black and white stones) originated in China. The black one should go first. Every chessman must put at the cross. The man who first makes 5 chessman in a row win the game.


decent quality...

needs a lil work on graphics... but the game is a lil addictin lol


^^Good Points^^
You took a pretty much generic game and really added a lot to it. The graphics were very cool, I especially liked the layout of the game. The hint system and being able to redo your moves is cool as well. Also, begin able to go back and see exactly where you messed up is a cool addition. Nice sound effects too.

^^Needs Improving^^
I would have liked to be able to click on a move and be able to continue the game from there, but unfortunately you can only look at said move and not change it.

great game

i won 8 of 12 on easy
9 of 10 on normal and
1 of 2 on hard and still playing.
it has a nice ai though it is using the same tricks over and over again and when you learn them you cant lose.
i lost the first 3 games on easy then i realised this and never lost again on easy. on normal i lost the first game becous he used a new trick then i never lost again. i won the first game at hard but only after about 50 turns. this is a great game and i will play it for a while.

loved it

i could easly see my self getting addicted to this game, its quite challenging. very good

Good, but

AI isn't perfect yet. Sometimes it misses my 4-in-a-row with one side closed or 3-in-a-row with both sides open.

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3.18 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2007
2:05 AM EST
Puzzles - Other