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-Pina Story-

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It's about a mission to save the sister..

Thank you to all those people that enjoyed the movie,
I intend on thanking you guys personally on my next movie.



sorri man it bored me

well done

excellent job, this obviously took copious amounts of time, the effort paid off. look forward to more of your work

what a movie

i was expecting to see to be continued somewhere but it kept on going and going until it finished. great stuff i love the work.

Like a big silent movie, I enjoyed.

I quite enjoyed the flash, its pacing was a bit slow but thats not such a bad thing.

I liked the animation and I was impressed by how much you got out of the filesize of the flash. Some artists really need to follow your example.

The lighting effects where neat, one thing Id like to see in future flashes is moving backgrounds, it would make the setting feel more real.

One thing though at one point Music started up and then just cut out. That was a little disconcerting.

Keep up the good work.


well i just have to say wow nice job i really really enjoyed it very much so...jsut a lil bit of info... first of i dont think it was to repeatitive i liked it but the whole first person viewish in the fist fight part was a lil weird second i would have like to seen more umm i guess magic or Ninjistu from the ninjas would have made it a lil bit kooler other than that i really really enjoyed this hope to see another one and find out wit this Mr. X is hah well till next time

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4.26 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2007
7:12 PM EST