Valentine '29

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This collab is relatively different from most collabs, it basically is ONE story line divided into 5 sections, and each section created by a different artist through their own artistic opinion on how it might have been.

i was very lucky to find the animators i found for the collab, i like em all because their styles are so different, and i think that in a collaboration project its always nice to bring different styles together and see how one thing can be viewed through different perspectives. But, now speaking of the animators i have to honestly admit that i am extremely thrilled to have someone aboard the project like Luis, i remember back when i was just starting Flash, my brother and i used his "Grime vs. Squeezy" bit as a good example of a flash animation for a long time. so it's funny to end up in the same boat now. That was just a little factoid i for some eason felt that i needed to point out.

...This collab was first started off by a good friend of mine, i was only an animator making a part in his collab. but a few things got in his way and he didn't have time to get it all done, so he handed the project to me. and due to technical complications with members of the collab and information about this and that, i decided to completely redesign it and start from scratch.

since i already have SO many projects I'm working on i at first thought about accepting to lead this collab, but i think this idea was really interesting and would allow me and other animators to experiment with their more serious side. plus, i always wanted to make a Noire movie, or something along those lines for Newgrounds, and i thought this was the perfect opportunity.

anyways, this is the "Valentine '29" collaboration project, my first collab, maybe my last... but who knows. i hope you all ENJOY...

-Hans Van Harken


Not so Happy...

It's quite how interesting how this collaborative work mixes a bit of comedy and tragedy. Good animation and art for the most part and good atmosphere built around this piece. An excellent addition to the Valentine's Day section. Good job.

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Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work.

Oh my GOD. This was absolutely breathtaking. Not only was the animation spectacular, but the voice acting was some of the BEST I have EVER HEARD in a flash cartoon, collab or otherwise. You guys make that Kagome voice actress look mediocre (if you even know who I'm talking about).

Almightyhans, Luis, and Osuka, your work was ESPECIALLY fantastic. The styles put into the characters, the voices melting right into the character's appearances, the capturing of the ambiance, all brilliant. Kudos to all of you on this MASTERPIECE. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm sucking dick, but seriously, this was just so GOOD.

Although it may not have been totally accurate (I'm usually a bug stickler when stuff like this about actual events isn't accurate), but I can forgive that for two reasons. One, it was just so GOOD, and two, because it really sparks interest in the event. I'd bet money that several people went on to research the massacre after seeing this flash, helping cancel out any false perceptions of the actual circumstances surrounding the events.

When you guys ended it, I think I actually audibly said "NO!" when the credits rolled. I was that sad to see it end so soon. Please, PLEASE continue this storyline. I would be VERY happy if you did so. Something this good just begs for an extension.

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this was truly a beautiful piece of work. all the makers of this collab did great. keep up the good work


It's so rare to see a collaberation of amazing effort and proportion, and even more amazing to see it on a serious, real encounter... this gave me fond memories of the amazing work done in Autumn Tree.

Unlike most collaberations, EVERY peice of work was amazing... I can't say who's work was better, you all did an amazing job. I was constantly amazed by your visuals, animation techniques, voice acting and amazing style. It somewhat reminded me of Sin City.

So congratulations on the amazing work, the awards, and thankyou for letting me view one of my favourite animations I've seen on this site.

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very good

it was all good but the lookout was not right if you ask me :/ everything else was great. keep up the good work :)

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Feb 12, 2007
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