Phoenix Wrong - I.M.T.

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Well, I've been a big fan of Phoenix Wright, and the Phoenix Wrong animations, so I finally decided to do one for myself. I hope everyone can enjoy this, and I'll gladly take any suggestions you can offer!


Well, I DID write you a longer review.

I wrote you a lengthy review detailing exactly what I liked and did not like about your Flash movie entitled "Phoenix Wrong - I.M.T."

Then it was kidnapped by ninjas and I was not a Bad Enough Dude to save it. Unfortunately, you must extrapolate what I said from the abstract and often completely random scores I have given you in the categories above. Also among your clues are the socks of Batman and half a lollipop. You have three minutes to solve the mystery.


(I'll just leave my biggest and most important complaint, which was the twitchy sprites that randomly got bigger or smaller when changing position or talking. Fix that in the next one and I'll stop whining.)

That was a great flash!

I loved it!
Exact score: 8.44/10.00
I must say it's a rrrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy hilarious flash, you should make more of these, like many other users have of Phoenix Wrong! Continue the hilarious revolution! We need more entries of Phoenix Wrong!

family guy voices

at first i didn't notice it, but then i noticed that the voices are family guy characters, and what they are saying is actual speech from family guy. and i found this movie to be pretty funny.

V good!

Certainly deserves to be in the phoenix wrong collection!
Well donw

Off the wall humor.

First the only bad bit of sound was the Dr. Nick, it was a bit crackly. That was the only bad thing. Apart from that it was great, I like the style and the animation was smooth and good. Basicly a great collection of short scenes (which although are quite random) which greatly amused me. Keep it up.

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2007
1:44 PM EST
Comedy - Parody