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The Crap Collab

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We had 30 minutes to animate the worst shit ever. Enjoy.

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ur s gay fag

ur a gay fag with no life and an extremely small cock

such low scores an i gave you a good grade O_o

lol to be honest it was crap that was funny. The bil cosby thign was actually funnier theni thogut it would bethe second time around. teh sonic thing watn that amusing though. I f it had had abit better animation id give you a better rating. 3/5
but please do another flash XP!

Sex0r responds:

Lol, thanks. Maybe I will.

that last guy was right...

this was this was way too amusing to blam. maybe if you do something stupid next time you shouldnt use crappy artwork, or do i dont care. all i know is this was about as amuzing as the first scene from arfenhouse 1.

Sex0r responds:

Hehe yeah. :P

We didn't have much time to draw good, so this is what it ended up as. :)

Glad you like it!


was that the cosby rap backwards? Lol. way too amusing. I gave it a 5. Maybe it won't be blammed.

Sex0r responds:

Thanks! :D

I laughed

Well yeah, that pretty much sums it up

Sex0r responds:

Haha, thanks! :D