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I'm not a baby


My brain just had a bubblebath

It was quite a colorful and interesting trip. This Flash is an intriguing tale of rescue and friendship told in a way only you could. The voice acting is solid, and I love the music, which kind of reminds me of Metroid on magic mushrooms.

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oh my god

it was like getting a hug from a cloud

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That was some weird shit, i guess it all makes sense to you though, i liked it nontheless

Husser is just a jerk...

I liked it a lot, dude. I don't know why, but just the timing of the voices for some reason struck me as outstanding, plus I found it funny. Don't know why, but it was pretty damn funny to me.

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This style..doesnt work for you.

I can see you were attempting to be "deep and twisted" like David Firth or something. Usually I role my eyes when people even say HIS films are so meaningful, inspiring, blah blah blah. They are one thing: strange. You nailed the strange, but there wasnt any point. Im sorry to say it was a waste of my time and yours. Why make movies like these, pointless, trying to be "trippy." The only people who wouldnt recognize it, and maybe actually like it are the people who havent seen the other, better artists in NG who have done better in this style. Now, dont get me wrong, you didnt pull off the style right, but the animation and graphics were cool. Sound.. eh, still fell under style. I for one just dont like this type, and people who do probably wouldnt enjoy this too much. The people who liked this video, as I said, dont really know where its coming from. And if you didnt mean to follow the style, trying to be new and random, than you failed.

Um.. good animation, lack of plot of meaning. Im sure you could have had a great flash if you made one about something relatively interesting. Everyone has their own style. This one.. isnt for you. Maybe good luck in other styles?

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2007
5:26 AM EST
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