Liru Hentai Game DEMO

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This is a demo of my hentai 'game' featuring Liru the werewolf from Magical Pokaan.

Please don't make posts simply complaining that it is a demo. I'm sorry that it's not the full version, but HentaiKey do not allow me to post that here. It's either a demo or nothing. I put as many full toons on here as I can. Not all my submissions are demos, so please check those out too.

I hope you enjoy.

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Wow 2007 and I haven't found this til now?

Been missing out on some good fap material for 9 years here.

she is a bit cute i guess ¿

furry cute but no want sex dat perverted

I like furry... this one is gorgeous !

guys we can pla ythe complete version in zona sama page