Last Saskatchewan Pirate

February 10, 2007 –
July 20, 2012
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Author Comments

Arr! This is a humorous ballad about a farmer forced off his land, who takes up piracy as a result.

Music by The Arrogant Worms


Yes, I thought it was good. And, OY, ShyGuySpy, the Arrogant Worms WERE the original singers of this song. They gave Captain Tractor permission to do a cover on it

Very entertaining and the song was pretty cool.

I personally love it :D One bad point however...Whenever i watch it, the song is stuck in my head all day... -.-, other than that, its great :) Keep up the good work :D

it would have been better if you had used the original song by captain tractor (its captain tractor BTW not tractor jack.) It's more pirate-y and less warbly... and less crappy. just.... no. not good. bad song choice.... or rather... good song choice bad band choice........ Forget it. Just no man. No.

This flash I think I have no say in this but the music and how you do the animation was really bad in fact there's no humor in the end.And try getting a better music next though that music was good enough................. Well hopefullly you can fix that...............

I'm from Saskatchewan and I love "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" because it's such a good parody of events here, although my version is a little different (album version maybe, whereas this one sounded more like a live performance). It's hilarious to see the song put to animation. Bravo!

I think its a catchy song did u make the song though?


I love this song, I listened to it when I was a kid.

And Saskatchewan rocks. I live there.

*gasp* they left out the Metis and Louis Riel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

Heh, "Mickey D's" That was great. Oh, for all you non-Canadians, Canada=best country in the world, Saskatchewan=best province in the world, Regina=almost best city in Sask.

Man I'm a Regina Boy and I love this song. But the way you did it is truly awesome and it makes me proud to live in Saskatchewan.

I used to have this song, but i digress. This was a well thought out animation. It flows perfectly with the song and the graphics were very well done. Now I have to find this song again, and join the crew! I have the lust for plundering now!

Yeah I live in Regina =D
But you should have used a different version of the song, that one didn't seem too great.
But great flash!

great just awesome that some1 noticed ol saskatchewan lol

I've had the wrong one all along, and quite frankly I like it better. Much more Piratey.

I love the animation though :D

Go cow, GO!! ^^
Love the Worms, and great job with the flash :)

THIS WAS GREAT!!.......but thats cause i live in sakatchewan. OMG I LOVED the idea for the upsidedown barn as a boat, and your portait of Regina PERFECT!!!!.....but for the record, you should have used the original song by Brad Johner. AND THE COW!!! it rocked!!!!

that was a pretty cool animation. i've got lots of family in central Saskatchewan, so i got extra entertainment out of this one. i really liked the song in this one, it was pretty nice. it almost reminded me of the 1930's when everybody lost their jobs and properties, etc etc. the characters were pretty nice too... really suited the song.

overall, this one was pretty sweet.. and being a Canadian, i enjoyed this one even more. good work on this one, glad to see it win an award too.

bloody awesome! good graphics, great song
not to mention a good laugh

That is a great song and a great video. Honestly being a pirate would be sweet! All around you did a good job and I it gave 5!

It's a good distraction that keeps me away from more "unsavory" entires. Good stuff!

I live in Ontario, but this was still pretty effing awesome. :P I like its 3D appearance at some parts, and the graphics were overall good. The humor was great. Nice work!

That was, awesome!

The song was brilliant!! Must go see those Worms.

The animations were not perfect but the design was nice.

That just displayed every mans dream.

Gotta love the Worms.

Prefer the other version of the song. Got better Music and just sounds better all together. Vid was cool though!

I liked it alot, the song was catchy, the animation was good and the graphic are pretty. Thought, it would of been better if you didn't always use the same set of animations during the refrain of the song to make it a little more diverse.


Nothing much so say, but:

IT's a 10! HO! 10! HO! comin' down the plains!! ;)

a bit werid creative though great ryming yea not going to harsh on ya

I have to say I might be a little biased as I live in the middle of saskatchewan by a city mentioned in the song. The word Saskatchewan caught my eye on the portal and I had to watch it. Good work on the animation, now I will always have pictures associated with this song in my head when I hear this song thanks to you. Again good work!

I liked it, it was a good toon.

remember i protected ur ass in the portal last night when u submitted this,but still good job man good job

Haha farmer pirates, great i love this little music clip its original and has a nice rythem. Great job keep it up.

I've heard the song before. Very good animation, the whole barn/pirate ship is genius. I'm from Alberta so I'm not so far off from that area. When pearing down the portal list the name "Saskatchewan" immediatly caught my eye. Had to watch a fellow Canadian submission.

Hey I'm from Saskatchewan too, The Battlefords area. Anywho nice job on this here movie. I've heard this song mroe than a few times and it caught my eye. Where abouts in Saskatchewan are you from?

I'm also from Saskatchewan, so i better go be a pirate as well. ARR (i sux at reviews...)

Im from Saskatchewan!!! Awsome job on the animation!@#$@#

I love this song!!! You did an awesome job on this, too. I like how is barn is the ship. I'm trying to figure out how you animated the flags so well... did you shape tween 'em or use some other program to make a .gif and import them into flash?

Anyways, thank you tons for making my day. Great job!

The song is old as hell, and very, very Canadian in theme....but it's still good fun anyways. I didn't expect it to be original, but you did a good job of it anyways.

Also, this version of the song was a bit better than the one I had heard.

Kudos on a job well done, I got a cheap laugh out of it.

I've never seen a music video that good, your flash and timing were perfect. Keep up the good work.

that was the best flash i saw all day!!!!
It has me smiling even while writing this review
dude that was so cool im going to watch it again

Very nice job on the graphics, they suited the song perfectly and were very well animated. The only thing I would recommend is to have optional subtitles, but that's not a big deal. This song is funny (I'm not sure how someone who isn't from Saskatchewan or even Canada would take it though). It's always good to see some submissions that are clearly Canadian, keep up the excellent work.

somebody made a top notch flash here! too bad its right about one thing; canada is becoming more like us americans with the chain stores and unemployment.

theres TD bank in Saskatchewan =| lol

This was a great flash, the graphics were good on it and I love the song. Was pretty funny as well. Great job!


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