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In the year 2105, the world is in a desolate state. A madman has recently come to power in the US, and has allowed for anyone to sell their babies into the military for ten thousand dollars.

-Finally, the second chapter is out! The action is in the second half of the Flash, so be sure to watch it all the way through! There were a few problems along the way, but thankfully, it is complete. It isn't absolutely necessary that you watch Chapter one, but it will help you learn a bit more about the characters. The third chapter will include more information about the base itself, and the situation the teens are in. Look for it soon!

Special thanks to the voice actors and the VAC!

Dominic/Prodigy - NinjaMatt
Trey - Willknavison [Credited as Nick Patrella]
Cybil - Rina-Chan


I lovin' it.

I like your animation. It is very clean and well drawn. The simplisity on some on the characters look great. Because if it has too much detail in some place it could start to look sketchy. But not your animation.

I do find sound plays a major role in any flash animation. And it was a shame that you couldn't find the ones you needed for the fight sequence. I would suggest that you couldd just rent a Jet-Li or Matrix movie and rip the sound FX from that. Sometimes it can be very useful.

I'm very much looking forward to the 3rd one since you said it was going to be even better than this and I LOVED THIS!!!!

All my 5 belong to this movie. Keep up the great work!!


Hey, thanks alot for using my music in your flash. Fit's in nicely IMO :) Graphics are quite nice, props on that, and awesome storyline.

Congrats on the 4th, too.

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I give all tens but not deserved.

This reminded me of lifepoint animations and i gave it all tens because of that, but you need to work on several things before its a great flash, emphasis on the words great, its good, but not great.

Bubbowrap responds:

Thanks for the tens and comment (:


ok.... you have to improve a bit on the drawings and the animations.

sound's very good but since it wasn't made by you, I give a 8 (anyway not very much people makes their own music for movie submitions...)

wasn't prodigy black-haired?? :P sorry... I had to ask :D

The story it's turning a bit too unreal... Please!! DON'T make it look like anime!!! TV's already full of it...


It's a very work really worthy of the daily award... I wanna see how this series develops... keep working and keep things close to the real physics and human nature... I really think this will be all screwed up if I start watching people doin' magic or wathever you name it....

Bubbowrap responds:

I completely agree that I need to work on the drawings and animations. Chapter 3 should show a vast improvement in those areas.

And nope, he's always had blue hair. :P

The story is VERY unreal, sorry ): The physics won't be TOO far off, I assure you. Thanks for the review!

it was ok

you need to work on a few key thing, one your art, which wont be ahrd, jsut sit donw for a couple of hours and practice, and another is your animation, it needs to be more fluently done, on way to do that is not to use tweening. then im sure you will get all 10's everytime

Bubbowrap responds:

I agree (: I've been drawing every chance I get, and I think you'll be somewhat impressed with the improvements.


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4.11 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2007
4:20 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 11, 2007