(2007) Stomach Ache

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Hello everyone, Knox here! I'm finally back with a new klaymation. :)

Note: Sorry about the sound bveing quieter than usuall, ill fix that next time for sure.




I've always been a fan of Knox, I remember the first video I ever watched, "Not your friend anymore." That may not seem old but I did watch every other claymation you had. Seeing this video brings me back to the old times. Bringing back old characters, and such. I just laughed my ass off when I saw that guy get ripped in half! I kind of knew somthing of that nature would happin. Very good quality and it's a fine addition to the Knox's Korner Library!

More klaymen

glad to see that your gonna try and make more klaymations this year, even with villain in the process. A bunch of people have probably already said this but Pick's voice changed from off the table. anywya, very funny cant wait for more of these and villain

Knox responds:

you accidently gave this movie a 0, but thanks anyway! haha


Dr. Bob and Pick always wer going 2 mak a great team,but It wasnt the funnist klaymation uv done but puting Dr. Bob in it made 10X better

Welcome back Knox!

I know you're busy with your big project, but I'm glad you didn't foget about your loyal fans at Newgrounds. The mvoie was great, with the classic Knox attitude, plus you put Dr. Bob in! (+1 brownie point)

Good to see klaymations again BOB.

I thoguht this was cool movie. i think bob should fall off a building but come back- like gandalf in the lord of the rings but overall an easy 8.

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4.21 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2007
7:08 PM EST
Comedy - Original