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Quiet Falls is 100% complete. Just releasing this teaser in the meantime while I (hopefully) find a sponsor for it. And because Maindrian had this killer piece of music I didn't get to use in the game proper.

Quiet Falls is a Silent Hill tribute game. It's a full-on survival horror game done in Flash. Keep your eyes peeled for it here on NG, sometime pretty soon!



Can you help me make a game? I am having truble and this will make lfe funner if you tell me how to make a game please ^_^

well done

best trailer I've ever seen. also... when will the sequel be done????????

kennsj responds:

When I made Quiet Falls, I was getting home from work at 4.30pm every day. These days, I get home at 7pm, and I'm a dad these days, so I really have no time for Flash dev. However, the script for Quiet Falls 2 is done, a lot of the character design is done, and a fair bit of the music is done. So as soon as my lifestyle changes again so that I have enough free time for it, THEN Quiet Falls 2 will happen.

Tekno's Opinion

I was gonna say "you've played way too much Silent Hill" until I saw the credits... Still that in not bad, absolutely not bad at all, being the freak fan of Silent Hill I am.
Have you ever played the Obscure games? Because I've seen stuff that reminded me to them a lot.
Very well plotted trailer, and excellent song...

Great teaser.

The interactive parts were a bit short. Loved it, though. I'm ready to play the game now.

good one

that was a very nice and interesting teaser you have here. this one definitely has a very nice plot and concept to it, very nice graphics in it... looks like you either took some courses, or just have natural talents. either way, i really liked this teaser, and i strongly look forward to seeing more based off of this one.

kennsj responds:

Thanks for the feedback. All self-taught here, with a bit of a background in VB coding and multimedia teaching.

Zero for interactivity, though? Have another shot at it, you'll find a few chances to sample the game's action if you're watching closely enough.

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Feb 9, 2007
6:17 PM EST
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