Wild Pokémon Encounter

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NOTE: If you hate sprite movies, then GTFO!

Well I got board with flash again, and after playing Poke'mon Emerald several times on Game Boy Advance, the one thing that bothered me the most in the game as well as any other Poke'mon game, were the wild Poke'mon that constantly appeared. And the most annoying Poke'mon that appeared to me, including the grassfields, was Zubat.

So Anyway, this is my seventh flash movie. I hope you enjoy it for now. If it's a disappointment to you, I can clearly understand that for some people who hate Poke'mon a lot.

Vote fairly, review constructively if you intend to write a review.

and Happy Valentines day :D


LOL! So hilarious.

In my opinion Golden-Fox, this was your best idea ever. So many funny parts. Keep up the good work.

it was funny!

my favorite partwas when he killed the bat with a M16!

yay =]

i liked the pw3nij of da anoyin zubat P=


I like Zubat too, but it was funny to see it get blown away like that. Great job with the flash, really fun to watch and it made me laugh. Please make more!

Lol. This is good.

Haha, Brendan's Gyarados must have been a real weakling to not K.O. that Zubat with Hyper Beam. And yeah, after encountering over five hundred of the same Pokémon after five minutes, you'd get pissed off enough to wish that you could... well, you know. :)

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3.92 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2007
3:51 PM EST

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