zombie hord3!!!

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CONTROLS (default. these are editable in-game.) :
WASD - move your character -or- drive
Q - switch left weapon
E - switch right weapon
R - reload
click - attack with right hand
SPACE - attack with left hand -or- vehicle's break
CTRL - get in and out of vehicle

complete with 21 unique weapons and many upgrades. plus, a real storyline! this is a lot different than the first two zh games. you have total freedom of movement. you also have a whole city to explore, so you're no longer stuck defending the same spot for days on end. hooray!


kicks ass..

Best game I've ever seen on NG!

Keep up good work

Great Job, Man!

I've NEVER seen a game this in-depth... I cant imagine how long it took to make... Anyways, the only bad thing about it is the vehicle. Mine got stuck in a wall, so I had to go on foot for the WHOLE GAME.... That was the only glitch I noticed... I couldnt get into the airport tho... Still, great job! Took me about an hour to max everything out and get to the end... thats one sign of a dedicated gamemaker... a long, long game for flash...

Greatly Addicting!

Wow,I love this game man..I loved the other two,but this one tops it off,I think it's a great show of why you need upgrades and dual wielding weapons,make a fourth one!

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Just overall awesomeness. Not much I can ask for except better detailing in the graphics, but the graphics aren't that bad anyway. Haven't finished the game yet, but I definitely will. Greatest zombie flash game I've ever played.

Great Game

Overall a great game.

<b>Graphics: 10</b>
This Game isn't so much about shiny surfaces and the fine touches. Where it's greatness lies is in the animation. Everything is smooth and looks good. Also, the night-time effects and a nice touch. -1 for dull buildings.

Not much to so here. Very fun, and addicting. Could be a little faster, but that is not part of the style. Also, the car's handling is amazing.

Fun to play, new areas to explore, and bullet holes add a nice effect. Story could use some touching up though. -3 for dull story.

Fun and well done game.

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4.32 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2007
1:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional