zombie hord3!!!

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CONTROLS (default. these are editable in-game.) :
WASD - move your character -or- drive
Q - switch left weapon
E - switch right weapon
R - reload
click - attack with right hand
SPACE - attack with left hand -or- vehicle's break
CTRL - get in and out of vehicle

complete with 21 unique weapons and many upgrades. plus, a real storyline! this is a lot different than the first two zh games. you have total freedom of movement. you also have a whole city to explore, so you're no longer stuck defending the same spot for days on end. hooray!


Honestly, just... no.

Poor graphics, poor game engine and poor collision detection combined to make this game a thoroughly unenjoyable experience.

The fact that as soon as you go near a "defensive" area the mission begins is astoundingly annoying, its literally about a minute till nightfall, the warning is on screen and i'm heading to shelter when poof "DEFEND THIS AREA" appears. Lights go off and the fast fuckers that you cant kill with a pistol for some reason appear everywhere.

This is all within the first 3 minutes of me starting the game and has completely put me off playing it.

The graphics could do with a lot of work, they look like every other game on newgrounds set on "Low" quality with the amount of pixellation going on.

This game has great potential, if only some of the more basic issues with it are addressed. I look forward to seeing either a revamped copy or the next installment with some improvements.

Could do with Improvement

Good fun, but you shouldn't have to save your progress. It should save automatically every time you go into a garage, speak to von bratwurst, or defend an area. Also, it should not take so long to save up for the guns and upgrades. Please can you make the next one with these improvements.

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not bad

The game is pretty decent! You deserve this a 5/10 from an pessimist.
You have some great ideas with this game.
The grafix are poor. (Who cares?)
The gameplay is okay, but not addicting.
This game is just one of those games where it's not your favorite, but you don't see anything wrong with it.

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sweet game

I cant wait for the next one, it would be awesome to be able to upgrade your ride.

awesome games

possibly one of the best zombie games i have ever played on the internet

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4.32 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2007
1:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional