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My first submission on Newgrounds, as well as my first Flash production!

This was a project to help me learn Flash, and kill time while my brother neglected to learn ActionScript, a Thing-Thing tribute, but with ninjas!

If this hits the Portal well, there may be sequels, so please, view before you vote, and I'd love to hear any feedback. ^^



Apparently I didn't manage to completely get rid of the loop bug, right-click and turn off loop to view it properly. If someone can tell me how to fix this, I'd be much thankful. ^^;


Ah, so-so

Ninjas are cool... and you can't miss with a ParagonX9 track most times...

And I thought the circles for limbs style was decent.

But I was looking for something with more plot, something that makes me get into Mr. Red Ninja, and his story. Not just a simple brawl with no names or reason behind it.

You did decently on the first run, but please develop it more next time. And keep on sending 'em in.

HailFire responds:

Thanks, borrowed the art style from the Thing-Thing series, if you haven't seen it, go do that now, they're awesome games. =D

Pretty good for a first time...

Considering it's your first time attempting flash, it's pretty good. I give you a 3/5. I'd give it a 5 if it had a little bit more length, but it was good. Cool.

HailFire responds:

Thanks. ^^

Almost got it

Good work, but it needs more. Speed up the frame rate and add some more details to the characters. Maybe add some better blood effects and youre in business.

HailFire responds:

And that's what sequels were invented for. XD

Not sure how to do blood effects, though.

Thanks, and the framerate comment. =P


For a first flash that was pretty cool, I like the flash movies where people fight stuff and show off their skills as flash artists. Since it is your first flash i'm looking forward to what else you submit in the future. The one thing I would have like to have seen was a higher frame rate, the action did seem kind of slow, but good nonetheless.

HailFire responds:

That, and ninjas rock. =P

Thanks for the review, again, I'll work on the framerate next time.

Are you sure that's your first flash?

That's actually suprisingly good for a first flash. Congratulations, you're a flash artist. Really my only grudge with this was the frame rate. Next time you try something like this, crank up the framerate (number of frames per second) to make the animation seem smoother and faster. This one seemed a little bit slow and groggy. Increasing the framerate (and with it, the number of frames in between a character moving or swinging a sword from point A to point B) creates a faster, more urgent pace vital for fighting animations.

Superb work, though, if this really was your first flash.

HailFire responds:

Thanks man, appreciate it.

I'll make sure to crank up the framerate next time, too. XD

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1.91 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2007
8:08 PM EST
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