Project Red Ninja

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My first submission on Newgrounds, as well as my first Flash production!

This was a project to help me learn Flash, and kill time while my brother neglected to learn ActionScript, a Thing-Thing tribute, but with ninjas!

If this hits the Portal well, there may be sequels, so please, view before you vote, and I'd love to hear any feedback. ^^



Apparently I didn't manage to completely get rid of the loop bug, right-click and turn off loop to view it properly. If someone can tell me how to fix this, I'd be much thankful. ^^;


This is it

Its not to bad its ok.

HailFire responds:

An actual review would've been nice. O_o

Not too bad.

Very nice. The credits don't work though. I may have given you highish marks because I know you, but I liked it. The people were only circles, but the weapons were well designed. There was no humor because it's not a humorous video. I think it's good for a first though. Keep it up!

HailFire responds:

You'd've known about the loop glitch if you read the Author's comments. =|

The art design was inspired by Thing-Thing, an awesome game series.

Thanks for the review. ^^

not bad one

that was an alright animation. cool action in it, but i think that some more would've been nice in this one... as i found this one to be short. i think that it could've done better if it was longer, but your efforts were still nice and it was alright to watch.

HailFire responds:

Thanks to everyone for the awesome reviws, I'll definetely put more time into the next one. (Altough my free trial is nearly out. =( )


Action Movies are ALWAYs no.1 in my book!
3/5 Keep it up! ^_^

pretty good

the movement was a bit sticky but a good first entry
like in the previous review i would like to see some more development maybe why he is fighting the black clan ninja and some backgrounds would help

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1.91 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2007
8:08 PM EST
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