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Before you go Trick or Treating, a little something to think about...

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Nice Satire

Oh my goodness. I used to get these little comics for Halloween when I went Trick or Treating. It's nice to see someone put some time in to read these things and actually put a spin on them. It would be nice if you added some sound, and I couldn't read one of the balloons, because it was too small to fit all the text.

Thats one spooooky publishing company

I have to say by far that was the most bone chilling thing I have ever read, and it scares me even more then anything ill see this halloween because the people who wrote it were serious !!


Don't you just love it how they promote some book buy their own publishing company in that?

I also find it comical that there have only been something like 2 halloween candy-deaths in the US. And both cases were commited by the parents of those children.
"satan is bad! jesus is good. Fear tactics! weapons of mass destruction! september the 1th! Generic bullshit!


I'm Christian and I am Offened

Loved the pop-ups, needed them to keep myslef from getting mad. What is that crap? I can't believe someone would say that Halloween is a day for Satan. It's more like the day before the day of remember the dead. (Like Christmas eve for dead people) But we made it a bit more fun. *sigh*

See it is "Christians" like Chick who give the rest of us a bad name.

I agree

I am not anti-christian, but I personally think that blaming it on Satan when bad things happen is like living in the Dark Ages. Sick people who put broken glass and drugs in halloween treats are the product of things that are wrong with society. They aren't being controlled by a dark overlord. And telling people they will burn in hell for not believing in god isn't a good way to convert people. Anyway this wasn't the greatest thing I've ever seen, but I scored it highly because I agree with what's said in it.